Student Leadership

The School Captains

2 281Hello, my name is Grace, and I am one of the School Captains for 2022/2023 at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. I have been attending this school since Year 7 and have always been excited by the idea of being School Captain. I’m really looking forward to giving back to the school now that I have achieved this role.

Throughout my time at this school, I’ve been able to explore different academic pathways to find what works best for me. I have chosen to study Government and Politics, Computer Science and English Literature at A-level, and I have completed a Maths AS-level. After I finish my studies at CSGS, I intend to further my education by studying Politics at a Russell Group University.

Throughout my time at CSGS, I have been grateful for the range of extracurricular activities on offer. In the lower school, I took part in a range of clubs, including Netball and the Tech Team (helping make the sets for the school productions). Unfortunately, the pandemic forced us all to temporarily give up extra-curricular activities. When we returned to school as normal, I took every opportunity to get involved. For example, I took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme, in which students get to set up and run a company for a year, and the Charity Committee, in which I have helped organise multiple school events such as Red Nose Day. All of these clubs and committees have helped me gain key skills that I know will benefit me in my ambition to study at a top university, such as the ability to effectively manage my time.

Both myself and the rest of the School Officer Team’s main goal this year is to bring life back at our school to the way it was before the pandemic. This means that we will be focusing on bringing back inter-year events and activities. We want to get everyone involved, no matter what year they are in.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact myself or any member of the team at any time.

Best wishes for the forthcoming academic year,



2 287Hi, my name is John-Claude and I’m one of the school captains for 2022/23 at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. It’s a privilege to be selected for the role and I look forward to giving back to the school community the level of support and care I have received since entering in year 7.

The school’s wide breadth of subject options at both GCSE and A-Level has allowed me to tailor my studies to those I find both enjoyable and rewarding. Studying Maths, Computer Science and Physics at A-Level has enabled my intellectual curiosity to flourish and has provided me with a clear pathway into studying Computer Science at Russell Group University.

By engaging in many of the sports CSGS has on offer, for instance Rugby and Athletics, as well as activities such as The Young Enterprise Scheme, I have recognised the benefits of being part of a team. The confidence I have gained through being part of these groups will have a lasting impact on my future pursuits. Not to mention the communication and leadership skills which I continually aim to develop. Through the addition of more house competitions, in both academics and sports, I aim to further develop these qualities in our students.

I, alongside the rest of the School Officer Team, aim to reinvigorate the school community, encouraging character traits of resilience, creativity, compassion and more within the student body.

Please feel free to come to us with any recommendations on how we can implement positive changes within the school

Best regards,


The School Officer Team

2 298

Welcome to CSGS from the School Officer team. This academic year our main goal is to get life at CSGS back to how it was before the pandemic. We intend to do this by encouraging inter-house competitions, both sporting and academic. We also wish to introduce more opportunities for inter-year engagement, in order to create a more integrated school community.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can help improve life at CSGS, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All the best for the forthcoming academic year,


The School Officer Team.



House Captains

There are six houses at CSGS, and students are assigned to a House when they join the school in Year 7.  Twelve students in our sixth form are nominated as House Captains each year, with two captains being assigned to each house.

The House Captains demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and encourage both endeavour and the development of character in members of their respective houses in KS3 and KS4.  House Captains assist with the planning and delivery of house assemblies and leading and assisting at school events, such as open mornings / evenings and Sports Day.  Our House Captains are proud to take a leading role in the day to day life of the school by encouraging engagement and participation among all year groups at CSGS.

The Charity Committee

The Charity Committee at CSGS consists of a diverse group of skilful students who  organise various events to raise money for the charities on which they have chosen to focus..

Each year the Charity Committee decide which causes to support and raise money for.

Members thoroughly enjoy participating in the successful events they organise and execute.

  A total of £2246.50 was raised from donations which will be transferred to the British Red Cross (charity no 220949) DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.