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Admissions Year 7

This school participates in the Bexley Co-ordinated Secondary School Admissions Scheme and the application process dates will be those set out in that scheme.  

Only pupils who have sat the Bexley Selection Test and who are deemed selective will be eligible to be considered for entry to the school.

The number of intended admissions for the year commencing September 2023 is 192 at age 11.

The London Borough of Bexley organises the delivery of the Bexley Selection Test.  The testing week for 2023 entry was week commencing 12th September 2022 and for 2024 entry the dates are likely to be at the beginning of September 2023.

The total score that pupils have to achieve to be deemed selective will be set by the Selection Panel, a panel of officers and Headteachers.

Parents of pupils not deemed selective may express a preference for a place at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School and may then use their statutory right of appeal against a decision not to offer a place at that school.

Over-subscription criteria

The over-subscription criteria used to allocate places at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School are set out in our Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Year 7 entrance to Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Children born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 inclusive can apply for entry in September 2023

Children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 inclusive can apply for entry in September 2024

Children who will start at secondary school in September would usually sit the Bexley selection tests in September when they are in Year 6 of primary school. Those deemed selective can be considered for a place at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.

Parents and carers must register online in May/June of Year 5 via the Bexley Borough website including children who are attending primary schools in Bexley.

Bexley Borough Website

The Bexley test consists of two test papers with a mixture of questions on verbal reasoning and comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning. Each paper will be divided into timed sections, and instructions will be given on an audio soundtrack. Most questions are multiple choice, and all answers are marked on a separate machine-readable answer sheet. There will be a short break between the two test papers.

All parents who register their child for the test will be sent a link to practice questions and a familiarisation booklet. The test provider, GL, does not sell past papers or practice books.

More information on the Bexley Selection Tests can be found on the Bexley website including an Information for Parents Leaflet.