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Medical Matters

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions

We wish to ensure that students with medical conditions receive appropriate care and support at school. The school has a policy in line with the Department of Education’s guidance supporting pupils at school with medical conditions and overseeing the administration of prescribed medication only. Arrangements for auto adrenaline injectors, insulin (diabetes) and asthma pumps have not changed.

Parents will be responsible for:

  • Keeping the school informed about any changes to their child/children’s health
  • Completing a parental agreement for the school to administer medicine form before bringing medication into school. The form can be found below in the Medical Forms section below
  • Providing the school with the prescribed medication their child requires and keeping it up-to-date
  • Collecting any leftover prescribed medication at the end of the course or the year
  • Discussing medications with their child/children prior to requesting that a staff member oversees the self-administration of the prescribed medication.

Where appropriate, students will be encouraged to take their own prescribed medication under the supervision of a member of staff to avoid issues such as cross contamination etc.

No student will be given any prescription medicines without written parental consent in the form of a completed and signed parental agreement, except in exceptional circumstances.

Prescribed medicines must be in date, labelled and provided in the original container (except in the case of insulin which may come in a pen or pump) with dosage instructions. Medicines which do not meet these criteria will not be administered. A maximum of four weeks supply of prescribed medication may be provided to the school at one time (with the exception of ongoing prescribed medication).

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School in partnership with Oxleas School Nursing Service have compiled a Medical Alert Handbook for students with certain medical conditions. The Handbook gives a brief description of your child’s condition alongside a flow chart of how to manage emergency situations. For more details on how to give your consent please see Medical Alert Handbook Consent letter below.

Protocol for Accepting Students into School whilst on Crutches

Students returning to school on crutches must adhere to the following:

  • Any accompanying medication must be prescribed by GP/Practice Nurse/Hospital and a Parental Agreement Form to Administer Prescribed Medication must be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Arrangements are to be made with the Student Welfare Officer to discuss how and when the student will return to school.
  • Arrangements for attending lessons will be made according to the agreement signed by the parent before the pupil returns to school.

The relevant form to be completed is in the Medical Forms section below. This is to be signed by the parent and must be returned on the first day that the student returns to school using crutches following their injury.

Medical Forms:

Parental Agreement Form to Administer Prescribed Medicine at CSGS

Anaphylaxis Register

Asthma Register

Consent for Medical Alert Handbook

Protocol for accepting pupils back into school whilst on crutches