Wellbeing Award for Schools


Wellbeing award for schools

At Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School we are working towards achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools.  This is a year long process which allows us to review our current practices and commitments to then put a strategy in place to develop and move forward with. 

Since the start of the pandemic it has never been more important to focus on the wellbeing of not just the pupils and staff, but their families as well, in fact our whole community.  The award will assist us in doing this by making us think deeper about what is required and guide us to better sustainable practice, all key reasons why we think it is worthwhile and beneficial challenge to take on the challenge of the award.  More specific information about the award can be found in the link below:


WAS - Wellbeing Award for Schools | AwardPlace


As part of the process we have put together a Change Team consisting of parents, pupils, staff and governors. After consultation we have put together the mission statement below which will develop as a key part of our school outlook over the coming years.


Mission Statement

At Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School we are committed to promoting positive wellbeing and mental health for all of members of our school community. We strive to create an environment which has a whole school approach in providing excellent support and intervention for all individuals in order to maintain their positive wellbeing and mental health. Health and wellbeing are to be at the heart of everything we do and we will drive the message forward to ensure that mental health is the “responsibility of all” across the whole school community.


The initial award survey questionnaires allowed us to put together a strategy to allow us to develop over the year.  The aims are appropriately challenging and will enhance the good work that already exists within the school.  All the targets were taken directly from the information gleaned from the parents, pupils and staff who responded to the questionnaire.  The strategy in full can be seen below.


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