Personal Development

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Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of all students’ education. 



The school is committed to our students personal development as well as their academic attainment.  There are eight key character traits that we look to encourage.

Through their participation within the wider school community, including the wide range of clubs and groups students have the opportunity to be part of and in some cases lead, students can develop the valued character traits of commitment, compassion, courage, creativity, resilience, responsibility, gratitude and intellectual curiosity. 


Commitment 2022By this we mean a “stick at it” attitude. If they have commitments to drama, sport or other activities our students will show dedication. CSGS students turn up even when it is cold and wet. They will also be committed to their studies and persevere to make the most of their talents. Commitment is related to the performance virtue of resilience.



Resilience 2022By this we mean the ability to learn from a setback and move forward. CSGS students will be encouraged not to wallow. With effective feedback they will learn from their mistakes and move on. Resilience can be nurtured in our CSGS students by creating resilience–enhancing classrooms – where expectations are high and every pupil feels valued. It should be noted that resilience is a performance virtue and cannot be nurtured in a moral vacuum. We want our students to be resilient, fair, to learn from mistakes and make the most of every experience.


Fairness / Responsibility

Responsibility 2022By this we mean a sense of justice. Our students should respect the rights of others. They should learn not to harbour prejudices. On the playing field they should behave sportingly and in the classroom they should act well towards their teachers and their peers. CSGS students should be honest, kind and respectful to others.



Courage 2022By this we mean that students will have the confidence to face challenges with an attitude to overcome them. Our students should have the strength of character to face up to things, work them through and learn from the experience. Our students will display a determination to strive for success, a resilience in the face of setbacks, the courage to continue, and the strength to take risks as they seek to achieve their full potential. Students will stand out in dance, drama and in all sports as those willing to try their very best. Chis and Sid students will have the courage to step out of their comfort zones, be prepared to take risks and embrace every opportunity.

Intellectual Curiosity

Curiosity 2022By this we mean the students’ desire to invest time and energy into learning more about a person, place, thing or concept. Chis and Sid students will always have the confidence to ask questions both at school and in their lives beyond. In this way our students will be intellectually satisfied, interested and engaged in learning at CSGS. Chis and Sid students will develop their intellectual curiosity by reading suggested texts, presenting confidently to others in a class, visiting places of interest related to their field of interest etc.


Creativity 2022By this we mean the students’ desire to become global citizens who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done but who are creative thinkers, inventive and discoverers. In this way we use creativity across the curriculum to improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching processes. Creativity is also celebrated through assemblies and our newsletter. CSGS students are encouraged to use their creativity in school plays, concerts, exhibitions and participation in competitions across all subject areas.


Compassion 2022By this we mean the ability to think of others and not of ourselves. Our students will learn to empathise with people in very different circumstances than they are used to. In school our students will learn to support each other in a variety of ways. CSGS students will have many opportunities to demonstrate compassion including working on the Charity Committee, peer mentoring, working with students from Marlborough School, joining in the Shoebox appeal etc.


Gratitude 2022By this we mean the development of the attributes necessary to live in a civil society. Our students will be appreciative of the opportunities they have. CSGS students will treat everyone with respect and value their contributions. They will demonstrate good manners. By nurturing gratitude our students will have a positive outlook in life.


“I want the character of our students to be distinctive as their purple blazers.”



Citizenship and British Values Curriculum

Students will cover various topics from Year 7 through to Year 13, please see the learning journey for further information:

Learning journey citizenship

Financial Management Curriculum

Students are introduced to financial management from Year 8 and cover further topics through to Year 13.

Learning journey financial management

Skills for Life - S4L (PHSE)

As a school we aspire to educate, in partnership with parents, inquiring, well informed and compassionate students who will go on to make a better world by occupying positions of responsibility and influence.

As well as our extensive academic curriculum, we also provide a balanced and broad based learning programme which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students, and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. This is called ‘Skills for Life’

We deliver this as part of the school’s overall Respect Programme, through our ‘Skills 4 Life’ lessons and workshops and our Respect form time programme, which from Y7 to Y13 covers four main sections; Relationship and Sex Education, Financial Management, Citizenship and RESPECT. Learning Journeys for all these are below.

Our Relationship and Sex Education programme is state of the art, having gained us an ‘Early Adopter’ status, such that we inform latest best practise advised from the Department of Education for all schools in the UK in their Statutory Guidance.

S4L Vision and Aims

Skills for Life Learning Journey

Learning Journey - Relationship and Sex EducationLearning Journey - Financial ManagementLearning Journey - CitizenshipLearning Journey - Respect

Time table for Skills-4-Life 2023-24RSE and Health Education Statutory Guidance

The Respect Curriculum

Careers and Employability Skills

The Careers Learning Journey can be found below:

Careers and WRL Curriculum

For further information on Careers Education please visit the following webpage on this site: