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School Vision, Values & Ethos

This school aspires to educate, in partnership with parents and pupils, inquiring, well-informed and compassionate citizens who will go on to make a better world by occupying positions of responsibility and influence.

Aims of the School

  • To teach with high expectations, striving to ensure pupils fulfil their potential in both the academic and complementary curriculum
  • To develop inquiring, knowledgeable, creative, and articulate lifelong learners
  • To encourage pupils in leadership and other positive contributions to the life of the school and wider community
  • To encourage pupils to adopt healthy, physically-active and safe lifestyles
  • To develop pupils who are both happy and capable of future independence
  • To develop pupils who will respect others, take responsibility for their own actions and become good citizens
  • To ensure pupils display self-discipline and responsible behaviour that makes a positive difference to the life of the school
  • To develop excellent working relationships between all those involved in the life of the school.

Values Guiding the Work of Staff and Pupils

  • To be excellent role models in all we do
  • To strive to make a positive difference
  • To ensure that health and safety are never at risk
  • To show respect for the environment
  • To be calm, polite and fair in all our relationships
  • To allow no place for any form of aggression or violence
  • To act with open-mindedness, understanding and forgiveness
  • To ensure the needs of the individual and school community are in harmony
  • To show respect for each person’s unique role in the life of the school.