Rewards Programme

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The CSGS Student Reward and Recognition Programme:

Headteacher Awards - Awarded for outstanding effort, attainment or achievement in any school activity.

Mayor of Bexley Award - Annually students are nominated for services to the school or the community as well as endeavour.

Jack Petchey Awards - Students are nominated for outstanding achievements that have been recognised by staff.

Senior Speech Day - Awards are presented for exceptional performance in academia for Years 10 to 13.

Junior Speech Day - Awards are presented for exceptional performance in academia for Years 7 to 9.

Brian Burgess Awards - A competitive Physics investigation by Year 12 and 13 Physicists.

Amazon Vouchers - Students may be awarded vouchers for exemplary work or conduct at the discretion of Senior Staff.

Merchandise with CSGS Logo - Students may be presented with branded drinks bottles, mugs, notepads, pens and pencils for their endeavours at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team

Free Lunches - Lunch tokens are awarded by members of the Senior Leadership Team for helping above and beyond normal expectations or impromptu competitive games.

Fast Track Lunch Passes - Students may be issued with a pass as a thank you for assisting with a task for the benefit of the school community.

Achievement Points - Students can accumulate points for individual deeds or academic endeavour and achievement.

Attendance & Punctuality Awards – Students with the highest punctuality receive an award as well as an additional award is given to the individuals with the best attendance record.

House Competitions – Departments hold House Competitions and houses competed against each other to accumulate points for their respective houses.

House Champions - Every Student in the winning house that contributed to the success will have the opportunity to receive a £20 Bluewater voucher. One boy and one girl in each year group will be entered into a year group draw in the final assembly of the house year.

Merit Cards - Cards are awarded for excellent work, commitment to school activities, and high level performance in all aspects of school and out of school life. Points vary from one point for a department merit card to 15 for Headteacher recognition.

Sporting Scholars & Leadership - Presented to one boy and one girl from each year group at the Sports Presentation evenings by showing outstanding commitment to their sport and performing at above county level whilst maintaining high grades and be a role model to the rest of the school. Prizes vary from vouchers to mentoring from high performance athletes.

Sporting Colours - Awarded to Students in years 11 to 13. Half colours are awarded for commitment to a sport over the year and can be for school representation or sports partaken individually outside of school. Full Colours are awarded to pupils who achieve county recognition or higher in their chosen sport. In addition pupils who represent the 1st XV at rugby at a high enough level or gain entry to Wisden for the Cricket XI also qualify for a tie. Year’s 7 to 11 pupils can receive Excellent and Commitment certificates for sports participation in and out of school.

Sports Day Awards - Students are able to receive the traditional trophies for relay and overall winner. For individuals the following trophies are available for individual events:

1. Half Mile (Senior) 800m



2. Intermediate 1500m


The Paul Williams Trophy

3. Senior 1 Mile 1500m


Challenge Cup

4. Field Events (Senior)


The Governors' Cup

5. Field Events (Senior)


The Burlace Cup

6. Sprint Events (Senior)


The Crust Cup

7. Sprint Events (Senior)




The Victor Ludorum trophies are awarded for the best individual performance or combination of performances during pre-sports day and Sports day:

8. Victor Ludorum (Junior)


Girls Athletics Championship

9. Victor Ludorum (Junior)



10. Victor Ludorum (Intermediate)


The Governors' Cup

11. Victor Ludorum (Intermediate)


The Brasher Challenge Cup

12. Victor Ludorum (Senior)


Holy Trinity Lamorbey Cup

13. Victor Ludorum (Senior)


Challenge Cup