Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth-Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form at Chis and Sid is our flagship programme. We are very proud of it. It is very important to us that sixth form students are admired by and can inspire all the students in the school as they grow up dreaming of joining the Sixth Form. Following consultation with students and listening carefully to their thoughts and feelings, we have developed the following dress code. We are very serious about looking the part as well as playing the part of future leaders and our non-discriminatory dress code is something that is regularly reviewed by the school.

Students can follow any of these pathways:

  • A formal suit with a matching jacket and trousers or skirt
  • A formal jacket and trousers or skirt – not matching but still formal in style
  • A formal jacket and formal, office-style dress

Jackets/blazers: jackets must be in a smart, formal style and in material other than corduroy, leather, denim or similar informal material. A fine knit jumper with a round, V or roll neck may be worn under the jacket but not instead of. Formal jackets should be worn around the school unless hot weather permission is given.

Tops: students should wear a shirt and tie OR blouse of formal style. No large logos, sweatshirts, T shirts, hoodies, cardigans or sleeveless tops.

Ties: ties may be of any colour unless students are in the school officer team, in which case school officer ties should be worn. The purple tie represents the very high standards that we are proud of at Chis and Sid and they are available from the Finance Office upon request. The Chis and Sid bow-tie given for exceptional performance is also acceptable.

Trousers: trousers must be full length and formal in style. Chino-style trousers are allowed but no elasticated fabric, denim or corduroy material.

Skirts and/or dresses: skirts and dresses must be of formal cut and reach mid-thigh. No lycra or stretchy material, denim, corduroy, leather or leather-effect material. Dark plain opaque tights should also be worn unless hot weather permission is given.

Footwear: Shoes should be appropriate for a work place. No canvas shoes, trainers, sports shoes, open-toes or high heels (above 2 inches). Ankle boots may be worn with trousers but should be formal in style and not platformed or chunky.

Outdoor coats: coats should be of a formal colour and design with no large logos. No leather, denim or corduroy. Coats must be removed inside school.

Jewellery: jewellery should be minimal and discreet. A single nose stud is permitted but no other facial piercings. Any piercings should be done at the start of the summer holidays so that facial plasters or other ‘sleepers’ are unnecessary.

Make-up and hair: make-up should be minimal, discreet and suitable for a formal environment. False nails are allowed if of a suitable length and colour.  Hair may be dyed a natural colour only and in a suitable style for a formal environment.

Tattoos: Tattoos should not be visible

Headwear: religious headwear and durags should be of one colour. No hats should be worn indoors.

Religious Attire: religious attire is acceptable.


Definite No's

  • No hooded tops, tracksuit jackets, sweatshirts or T-shirts
  • No baggy jumpers or cardigans
  • No large logos
  • No open-toed shoes, high heels, stiletto heels, trainers or informal boots
  • No denim or leather coats/jackets
  • No facial piercings (except a single nose stud), no visible body piercings or visible tattoos
  • No hats indoors


These areas should always be covered

Sixth form dress code image

The school reserves the right to object to any item that we deem in any way unsuitable. An application to deviate from the code for a specific reason must be made to the Headteacher.

We understand that, from time to time, mistakes can be made and students may not follow the dress code. Please do not be offended if this is pointed out to you by any member of staff. It is not a personal criticism but a desire for the highest standards to be maintained. You may be asked to change into clothing that complies to the dress code or be asked to make sure that it is corrected the following day. In this way, it is fair to everybody.