Marlborough School Partnership: Learning Mentors

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We have strong links with Marlborough School. Marlborough is a school for pupils with special educational needs relating to severe, profound and multiple difficulties, autistic spectrum and other complex needs or sensory impairments and communication difficulties. The post 16 provision is housed on site at CSGS and this community partnership is something which we are extremely proud of. Pupils from Marlborough attend this provision from the age of 16 and can stay for three years. The idea behind the post 16 provision being based at CSGS is for Marlborough students to experience a 6th Form that offers a wider community. Within this location, Marlborough students face many new and exciting challenges which will help prepare them for adult life and they have the chance to be part of something much bigger than they have experienced before.

For students from Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, the partnership offers a number of opportunities to be involved with Marlborough School. Pupils from Years 12 and 13 at CSGS have the opportunity to support younger pupils in classes at Marlborough main school. Within the sixth form provision, they are involved in facilitating reading clubs and games clubs, as well as some students being selected as “buddys”. These students are paired with a pupil arriving in September from Marlborough School and work to develop a friendship, starting with the commitment of one hour per week. This provides the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of another young person, as well as coming to understand different needs and seeing life from a different perspective.

A number of joint projects with Marlborough School enrich our school life. These include activities such as a joint fashion show, drama classes, a joint choir and sporting events. In addition, all of our Year 9 pupils carry out an awareness raising campaign in their citizenship lessons and spend some time with pupils from Marlborough School to support this.

The Marlborough Legacy 14-19 provision for Marlbourough School has been based on our site since 2008 and moved into The Legacy Building in 2016.  We are very proud of our close partnership.