Exam Highlights 2022

2nd Mar 2023

Exam 5

A Level Results 2022

55% of the grades awarded were A*/A and the overall results show a 10% increase on last year's results, with 80.5% of results being A*-B grade.

88 students achieved 3 or more A*/A grades and 10 students achieved 4 or more A*/A grades.


GCSE Results 2022

70% of the grades were awarded a 9-7, the best results the school has achieved.

68 students were awarded all 10 of their GCSE grades at 9 or 8.


Headteacher, Mr Walker on exams season 2022:

"I am very pleased for all the students who have achieved such excellent results.

They have demonstrated great resilience during a very difficult two years with the pandemic and I could not be prouder of our staff and students for everything they have achieved together"

More information available at /about-csgs/exam-key-stage-results