CSGS Sims Parent App

Sims Parents App

Please click to view instructions to access the Parent Sims App 

Initial Sign Up

All Parents will initially be invited to activate their account with a unique login and can register here. If this has not been received or has expired please email simsapp@csgrammar.com for a new code. 

After Registration

Once registered please log in via https://sts.sims.co.uk/login - please remember that you must choose to log in via the same format (e.g. the same linked account) that you chose to sign up with initially and use the relevant password that you have for that account, for example - Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google etc.and you should sign in via that route each time from then on.

It is important to remember if you change your Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple password at any time, the Sims app will also require the updated password as it will be a linked to your original preference.

To reset your account please email simsapp@csgrammar.com.