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Cashless Catering

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Catering is provided by Cucina using a biometric recognition system to pay for food and beverages.  Cucina’s belief is to bring restaurant-quality food into schools, employing a trained chef at the school and cooking all meals from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Cucina use a range of local and national suppliers from which all fish is MSC certified, all coffee is Fairtrade, all eggs and mayonnaise are free-range, 90% of the fruit and vegetables are grown in the UK and the vast majority of their meat is Red Tractor accredited.

The menus are full of goodness and nutrition and Cucina love educating students that healthy food is delicious, through a wide variety of tasty dishes that students love to eat.

As part of creating a positive social impact, Cucina are committed to looking after the environment. Their vision and values are entirely aligned to working with schools to create a positive food culture and a commitment to brilliant food, genuine partnership, and impassioned service.

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The benefits of a cashless system are:

  • Parents can credit the card as regularly or irregularly as they please
  • Parents can authorise a maximum amount of credit that can be used in any one day
  • Parents can log on and monitor the food/drinks that their child is purchasing
  • It is not apparent to students if their peers are receiving free school meals.

The system is extremely secure and is not open to misuse.

Please be aware that once students reach the Sixth Form they are also permitted to use a debit card for purchases from the school canteen.

Our current provider is: 

Cucina Restaurants Limited

Ground Floor - North Wing

St Andrews House

West Street



GU21 6EB

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Trips, Supplies and Donations

In addition to cashless catering, Scopay is also utilised for the payment of school trips, charity donations and miscellaneous items such as subscriptions, art sketch books, lost planners etc.

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The Scopay App - the easy way to access your school account online using the same log in details. 

Scopay App is available to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Please be aware that Sixth Formers are also permitted to use a debit card to purchase food from the school canteen.