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The safety and happiness of our students is of utmost importance to us. Students have regular updates on safeguarding on different topics and parents are informed though our website.

At CSGS we value your character development and strive to support you in developing a range of character traits to support your academic success. We focus on developing the character traits of commitment, compassion, courage, creativity, resilience, responsibility, gratitude and intellectual curiosity. There are explicit form time activities to explore and develop our understanding of these traits and consider how we can apply and develop them in ourselves.

The practice of mindfulness with students in Year 7 has been very successful in the last few year, starting them on a positive journey to support their well-being. We also offer mindfulness practice to other students in small groups and to our staff too.

Our student Mental Health Ambassadors are fully trained and have initial conversations with students about concerns they may be have. In addition, they have organised events to celebrate the support of mental health issues. We regularly post support links to websites and information on the school website for parents and students. 

As a school we aim to cater for the education of all our students with learning difficulties, whatever their nature. Students have access to a Learning Support base where the Student Welfare Office and School Counsellor are based in a friendly and supportive environment. Staff meet students with particular needs as part of the transition process and work closely with them to ensure a smooth start to secondary school life.