Club Posters


Please check posters for club details.  This is not an exhaustive list of our clubs please also refer to the extra curricular activities board.

Year Groups 7-9

Classics club
Ks3 debate club
Drama club
German club
Jewellery club
Lego club
Poetry club
Stem club


Year Groups 7-10

Tech club


Year Groups 7-11

Dance club

Year Groups 10-13

Robotics and engineering club


Year Groups 12 and 13

Politics and issues club

Clubs for All Year Groups

The following clubs, societies and free time places are open to all. 

Please check individual posters for times and meeting areas.

A quiet place
Cookery club
Debate club
Equality club
Miniature tabletop painting and gaming club


The Classics Society

Classics society

The Debating Society (Y10-Y11)

Debating society