Our House System


All students joining the school are allocated to one of the six houses; DaviesEdlmannLesterStaffTownshend or Williams. The house system allows all students from Year 7 to Year 13 to feel a sense of belonging. It provides an opportunity across a broad range of activities and competitions to develop character, confidence and leadership skills. Each pupil, whatever their age, is encouraged to participate. Pupils develop a strong commitment to their house and teammates.

At the end of the year, there is a whole school assembly which celebrates the successes of the house activities and a trophy is presented to the house that has accrued the greatest number of points.

History of the Houses at Chis & Sid

When the school first opened eighty years ago there were initially four houses, simply called A, B, C and D. Houses E and F were added a few years later. These names were used until the school moved to its current Hurst Road site.

In 1954 the new names were adopted to honour the members of the first governing body of the school. As there were only four members of the body the fifth house is believed to be named in memory of a boy who passed away around the time and the sixth house was named after the teachers.

The houses were organised by W. H. Freeman - the master in charge of Games. The house to which a boy was assigned was determined by where he lived, in the hope that this would ease the transition from primary school and help boys to make new friends who lived near to them, however the school no longer applies this method to allocate houses. 

Who will be successful this year?


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