Leadership Team & Staff List


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)




Mr N Walker    Headteacher







Ms J King  - Senior Deputy Headteacher 

Line Manager: Senior Leadership Team, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Drama,
Maths, Music, Psychology and Physical Education                           





Mrs D Evans         Deputy Headteacher

SEMH and Designated Safeguarding Lead Line Manager: Heads of Learning Years 7-11                                     






Mr G Panton        Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour and Attendance Lead  







Miss E Rayner     Assistant Headteacher           

Line Manager: Art, Business, Economics, Geography, History,  Religious Studies, Technology, RSE, Equality and Diversity and Careers       






Dr N Rehling     Assistant Headteacher

Line Manager: Heads of Learning for Year 12 and 13; Classics,  English, French and German.






Mr R Wallbridge      Assistant Headteacher 

Line Manager: Learning Hub and SEN





Full Staff List

Teaching Staff

Art Department

Miss S Bishop (Curriculum Leader Art)
Mrs W Harland (Art / KS5 Enrichment/EPQ Coordinator/ Assistant Head of Sixth Form)
Mrs S Langford (Art)
Mrs D Panton (Art) 

Biology Department

Mr K Davies (Curriculum Leader Biology)
Miss N Brand (Biology / Science) 
Mrs J Clark (Biology/ Science)
Mr P Klimczak (Biology / Science)

Business & Economics Department

Mrs H Everett (Head of Careers/Curriculum Leader Economics & Business Studies / Skills for Life)
Mrs E Walters (Lead Practitioner Economics/ Business Studies) 
Mr D Carpenter (Economics / Business Studies/ CSGS Live Coordinator)

Chemistry Department

Mrs F Egleton (Curriculum Leader Chemistry) 
Mr S Hasany (Chemistry / Science)
Mrs C Oliver (Chemistry / Science) 
Mrs D Sparo-Bondzie (Chemistry/ Science)
Mr J Wainaina (Chemistry / Science)


Dr S Trafford (Curriculum Leader Classical Civilisation/Latin)
Mr C Higham (Classical Civilisation / Latin)
Mr K Mistry (Classical Civilisation/ Latin)

Computer Science Department

Mr G Duhan (Curriculum Leader Computer Science / GDPR Coordinator) 
Mrs D Dinesh (Computer Science)
Mrs T Laber (Computer Science)

Drama Department

Mr L Husnu (Curriculum Leader Drama)
Miss S Harrison (Drama)

English Department

Miss A Ballard (Curriculum Leader English)
Mr M Shearman (Assistant Curriculum Leader English)
Mr A Dawson (English/ Oxbridge Coordinator)
Ms F Forsberg (English) 
Mr J Holowaty (English)
Mr I Owen (English)
Dr N Rehling (Assistant Headteacher English/ Head of Key stage 5) 
Miss V Webb (English/Enrichment Coordinator/Head of Learning Year 11)


Mr Y Radev (Curriculum Leader French)
Mrs K Boxall (French)
Mrs J Fontenelle (Lead Practitioner French)
Ms P Ndibe (French) 

Geography Department 

Ms N Hatch (Curriculum Leader Geography) 
Miss D Foster (Geography)
Mrs V Goode (Geography / Religious Studies) 
Miss E Rayner (Assistant Headteacher / Geography)
Mrs A Taylor (Geography) 


Mrs N Dornak (Curriculum Leader German)
Mrs S Allen (German)
Mrs K Boxall (German)
Ms F Lopez (German / Head of Learning Year 11)

History Department

Mr C Ruth (Curriculum Leader History / Govt. & Politics) 
Mr E Bretherton (History / Govt. & Politics / Head of Learning Year 7)
Ms C Blunden (History/ Government & Politics)
Mr A Champion (History/ Joint Head of Learning Year 10)
Ms J King (Senior Deputy Headteacher / History)
Mrs H Saunt (History)

Mathematics Department

Mr D Asafu-Adjaye (Curriculum Leader Mathematics)
Mr M Roebuck (Assistant Curriculum Leader Mathematics/KS3 Co-Ordinator)
Mrs T Afolayan (Mathematics) 
Mr P Anning (Mathematics / Data Manager)
Mr J Birkensteins (Mathematics)
Mr D Goodman (Mathematics)
Mrs U Greenwood (Mathematics)
Mr S Kinsella (Mathematics)
Mr J McKeown (Mathematics)
Mr C Mills (Mathematics)
Mr I Saumtally (Mathematics/ KS5 Co-ordinator)

Music Department

Mr J Ward (Director of Music) 
Mr A Lin (Music/ Music Tech)
Miss N Robinson (Music / Music Tech)

PE Department

Mr C French (Curriculum Leader PE/DDSL)
Miss L Bunn (Physical Education / Geography / Head of Learning Year 9)
Mrs J Close (Physical Education/Joint Head of Learning Year 10) 
Miss Z Evans (Physical Education/ Head of Learning Year 8)
Mr G Panton (Physical Education / Assistant Headteacher / Skills for Life) 
Mr D Pyne (PE / CSGS Progress Director /DDSL)
Mr R Wallbridge (Assistant Headteacher/PE)
Mr P Ubee (Head of Rugby)

Physics Department

Mr P Fletcher (Curriculum Leader Physics)
Mr R Dobson (Physics / Science)
Mrs D Evans (Deputy Headteacher / Physics / DSL/ Head of Key Stage 3&4)
Mr P Mainoo (Physics/ Science)
Mr M Pidduck (Physics / Science/ Head of Learning Year 13)

Psychology Department

Miss R Parris (Joint Curriculum Leader/ Psychology)
Mrs V Smith (Joint Curriculum Leader Psychology)
Mr C Webb (Psychology)

Religious Studies Department

Mr M Thomas (Curriculum Leader Religious Studies)
Mrs J Ben-Rabah (Religious Studies)
Mrs R Blythin (Religious Studies)
Mrs K Islam (Religious Studies) 

Technology Department

Mrs S Marnham (Curriculum Leader Technology)
Mrs T Aromolaran (Design & Technology/ SENCO/ DDSL)
Miss L Lynn (Product Design)
Mrs D McKenzie (Design & Technology)
Miss P Yeboah-Afari (Food Technology / Product Design)

Non Teaching Staff

Admin Office

Mrs M Staszczuk - School Office Manager/Head's PA
Mrs J Butler - Reprographics Technician
Mrs S Erginsoy - Receptionist 
Ms J Hart - School Office Administrator
Mrs M Nolan - Attendance & DDSL
Mrs C Lawes - Exams Assistant & School Office Administrator 
Mrs F McAlaney - Receptionist 
Ms S Popely - School Office Administrator 
Mrs N Sayell – Deputy School Office Manager

Cover and Exams Office 

Mrs L Williams - Cover and Examinations Officer
Mrs N Johnson – Cover Supervisor / Invigilator
Mrs J Tiffin – Cover Supervisor / Invigilator

Data Manager 

Mr P Anning

Estates Management Team

Mr M Luxford - School Site Supervisor 
Mr D Gladdish - Premises Site Assistant 
Mr M Langridge - Premises Site Assistant 
Mr N Stephanou - Premises Site Assistant 
Mr R Thistleton - Premises Site Assistant 

Finance Office

Mrs D Ames – Finance/Operational Director 
Mrs N Harris – HR Administrator/Finance Officer 
Mrs J Power – Finance Officer
Ms J Tailor – Finance Manager 

IT Support Team

Mr K Akumfi-Ameyaw - Network Manager 
Mr M Prochazka - IT Technician

Learning Hub

Mrs V Bender – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Blackie – 6th Form Study Supervisor / Careers Coordinator
Ms C Cribbs –  Student Welfare Officer  DDSL
Miss H Edwards - Teaching Assistant 
Mr F Ghafoor – School Counsellor
Mrs K Humphryes – 6th Form Study Supervisor / Careers Coordinator
Miss L Trezel - Teaching Assistant


Mrs J Hitchcock


Mr W Hudson (Product Design Technician)
Mr B Kelly (Senior Laboratory Technician) 
Ms J Mitchell (Laboratory Technician) 
Mrs K O' Brien (Art Technician)